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  • Test and Tag Brisbane - Procedures

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    Test and Tag Brisbane - Procedures.

    Visual and Physical Inspection.

    Elite - Test and Tag Brisbane firstly carries out a thorough visual and physical inspection of each electrical appliance paying particular attention for noticeable damage, defects or modifications in the equipment and its accessories. All cords, plugs and sockets are inspected to ensure the inner cores are not exposed or twisted and the external sheaths aren't cut, abraded, twisted or damaged.

    Electrical Testing.

    Testing is then carried out using the Seaward SuperNova tester. Depending on the type of the appliance, the SuperNova carries out a series of tests to determine the electrical integrity and safety of the item. The electrical tests include Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, Current Leakage and Polarity. 

    Actions Resulting From Inspection and Testing.

    Non-compliant or failed equipment is labelled with a tag to indicate that the item requires remedial action and warns against further use. Equipment failing the tests above shall be withdrawn from service immediately.

    A durable, non-reusable tag is applied to compliant or passed equipment with the name of the tester, inspection date, retest date and reference to AS/NZS 3760.


    Elite - Test and Tag record the results of each appliance and upon completion of the job gives every client a printout or PDF to keep for their records.

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